Feasibility Study Conceptual Design of Helicopter Facilities for GBC in Petronas Garraf Oil Field, Iraq.

Project Detail

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Prisma Athira and DPI Konsult Sdn Bhd both parties collaborating in providing all their personnel assigned to Weststar on mobilisation, demobilisation, lodging, travelling, salary, allowances, cost of living, medical insurance, taxes, staff welfares, etc   during the entire duration of the study in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The objective of this feasibility study is to determine the viability for aviation services to cater for Petronas Carigali Iraq Holdings B.V. (PCIHBV). PCIHBV needs to provide an efficient, safe and minimising risks pertaining to the increase personnel movement inbound/outbound Garraf Contract Area (GCA) in the Republic of Iraq with the future increase of traffic volume due to increase of production of crude oil and expansion within GCA. The study will also explore several options of the point of entry into GCA to the point of disembarkation within Iraq or Dubai (United Arab of Emirates or UAE). The option shall be weighed against its long term impact to PCIHBV operation in GCA.