Scope of Services

DPIK is geared towards providing total project management consultancy services in the development of new infrastructures, buildings and facilities. Projects involving refurbishment, upgrading and rehabilitation of existing infrastructures, buildings and facilities also fall within the ambit of DPIK’s strengths and capabilities.

In providing project management services, DPIK diligently acts on behalf of the Client; to co-ordinate, manage, advise and more importantly maintain control over project schedule and budget. This normally begins with the master planning of the project and continues through design development, procurement and construction until its full completion and handing over to the Client.

A typical project organisation structure is given in Figure 1 whilst Figure 2 reflects a typical project implementation methodology for the development of new buildings and facilities.





As the Independent Checking Engineer (ICE) appointed by the Project  Funder/Financier, we provide relevant technical consultancy and advisory services relating to the project so as to ensure that the interest of the Funder/Financier is well protected and not compromised.

In essence the ICE shall act professionally on behalf on the Funder/Financier in reviewing, monitoring and overseeing the overall implementation of the Project being carried out in accordance with the engineering and commercial practices.  A balanced complement of experienced technical team personnel  with knowledge and skills in their respective discipline are assigned to the project to  effectively undertake the task as envisage.