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Since our inception, the Civil & Structural Engineering projects handled by DPI ranged from marine engineering, public buildings (hospitals, schools, government offices and facilities, commercial and private), feasibility study, detailed design engineering, construction supervision, project management and design audit.

We offer interdisciplinary know-how in all areas of structural engineering and are capable to provide services from the planning stage up to implementation. In close contact with our clients we develop economical solutions. The structural work elements will generally comprises earthworks and excavation, demolition of structures, foundations including forms of piling, ground and surface treatment, drainage, sewerage, water supply, flood management and for marines works such as dredging, development of jetties, wharves and breakwater.

We are able to handle constructions in a wide field of civil engineering, such as: retaining walls, road of tunnels, bridges, industrial facilities or wastewater treatment plants. As specialists, we team with architects and designers to develop an extensive range of supporting structures in reinforced concrete, steel or timber.

In Highway, Road & Bridges projects, we have established a core-team specializes in road/highway and bridges design whereby value engineering has been the order of the day. All engineering processes, stages and targets undergo strict quality management system of which are have been accredited with by SIRIM (Malaysia) and UKAS (United Kingdom).

The design and supervision of a 4-lane dual carriageway between a major backbone highway to the fifth busiest port of the world, Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) was a testimony whereby timeline factor was the main agenda in which the port was put on operational mode at the specified target dateline.

One of the facets of road/highway/bridges design and construction that would pose major delaying factor to progress has been the social encumbrances. Our engineering processes has been tailored to deal with these agenda right from the preliminary stage of engineering design and followed through to the construction stages to ensure smooth project/implementation.

Beyond the Malaysian’s shore, DPI was appointed by the State Commission for Roads and Bridges of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Republic of Iraq for the provision of Design Consultancy Services for the Samawah, Mahdi and Hilal Bridges and Construction Supervision of Project. The Project involves the detailed design, tendering documentation, tender assistance and construction supervision of 3 nos. bridges and approach roads over the Euphrates River in the Al-Muthana Province of the Republic of Iraq.

One of DPI’s most prestige works was for KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (KLKSE) which provides an alternative link to the present Federal Road 54 from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor. It commences from north of Templer Park to Assam Jawa town in the district Kuala Selangor and also forms part of the Government planned KL Outer Ring Road (KLORR).

DPI was also appointed by AP Land, developer of the existing Bandar Tasek Puteri to design access road to/from highway with overpass and underpass for 120,000 residents of Bandar Tasik Puteri.

One of the niche expertise that DPI had is in the field of geotechnical engineering. This consists of foundation, earth retaining structures, ground improvement, soil slope design for embankment and cut, bridge foundation, remedial to geotechnical related works and cut slope stabilization and ground water drainage engineering disciplines.

DPI also provides an engineering investigation for the condition of existing buildings, bridges, pavement, highways, and jetties including geo-assessment studies incorporating investigation and analysis in order to come up with a cost-effective and technically viable solution.

These engineering aspects is not limiting to merely the cost of the geotechnical works only but other aspects such as safety, ease of construction and maintenance and protection of environment.

The provision of geotechnical engineering expertise is essential as the assessment of the stability of foundation which is largely related to understanding the geotechnical settings and the engineering properties of geological formation. The understanding of the behavior of structure foundations in a particular geotechnical settings is essential in forensic engineering. We have Geotechnical Specialist as well as an Engineering Geologist, couple with engineering software within our set-up to be able to contribute positively towards successful implementation or design audit of such projects.

Forensic engineering projects involve the professional assessment of the causes leading to the distresses manifesting on structures, which include buildings, bridges, port structures, etc. Recommendations of rehabilitation of these structures can then be made on the basis of the professional assessments. A holistic approach in the assessment is frequently necessary in order to completely understand the phenomena influencing the observed behavior of the structures. This approach requires a multi-disciplinary contribution to ensure successful undertakings. Within DPI Konsult Sdn Bhd and its associates, there exists an adequate and excellent source of professionals with the relevant engineering expertise in forensic engineering.

We were involved in carrying out remedial works to MRR2, Johor ort Berhad facilities, bridge along Access Road to Tanjung Pelepas Port, Kuching Prison, to name a few.

To complement our activities in Forensic Engineering, we have associated companies who are able to conduct specific lab tests or NDT on structures under study.

In the field of Port and Marine Engineering, DPI has successfully undertaken and completed ports and marine projects ranging from wharf structures, containers yards, coal, oil & gas handling facilities, cargo ports. We have also involved in the implementation of siltation, stability and serviceability study of existing ports.

Since its inception in 1996 until today, DPI Port and Marine section has been active at Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuantan, Klang Port Management (now known as Northport Malaysia Berhad) and Johor Port Berhad, as well as consultant for Jabatan Laut Semenanjung Malaysia.

Based on our experience executing the PTP, we were appointed together with our associate consultancy Mofatt & Nichol Sdn Bhd, a leading world port consultant with its headquarters in Long Beach, California, USA to undertake the Siltation, Stability and Serviceability Study at North Port and South Port, Port Klang.

As a further recognition of our capability in port development, the Section has also managed the project management for the dredging and associated works including marine works, jetty extension and harbor repair works for the Kuantan Port expansion programme. Our expertise input in port planning, land reclamation treatments, dredging methodology, utility relocation, infrastructure layout and maintenance management is fully explored throughout the duration of the contract.

As our reputation gains momentum, DPI was appointed as project advisor to CIDB for the technical and financial study for Colachel Port, Tamil Nadu, India. The main focus of this short study is to ascertain the viability of the said port toward supplementing port business growth in Malaysia. This augments well with the Malaysian Government mission of turning our ports as the regional transshipment hub for this part of the world.

Feasibility Study is of paramount important to objectively decide whether to proceed with a proposed project. A Feasibility Study shall have broad considerations when considering whether to undertake a new project in terms of its impact in engineering and financial viabilities. Of more importance has been part of the study for the last 50 years or so are the social economic and environmental factors.

In this respect, we perform preliminary planning and feasibility studies to determine the economic and technical viability of project proposals. A feasibility study is defined as an evaluation or analysis of the potential impact of a proposed projects. A feasibility study is conducted to assist decision-makers in determining whether or not to implement a particular project. The feasibility study is based on extensive research on both the current practices and the proposed project. The feasibility study will contain extensive data related to financial and operational impact and will include advantages and disadvantages of both the current situation and the proposed plan.

In 2014, DPI was appointed by Weststar Aviation Services Sdn Bhd to carry out the Feasibility Study Conceptual Design of Helicopter Facilities for GBC in Petronas Garraf Oil Field, Iraq. Petronas Carigali Iraq Holding B.V. (PCIHBV) has awarded the above contract to Weststar Aviation Services Sdn Bhd (WAS).

Based on this wide scope experience WAS is able to provide a comprehensive and objective study of the assignment which will form a basis for Petronas and its partners to arrive to a collective decision on the mode of workforce transportation for their Garraf Oil Field operation.

The objective of this feasibility study is to determine the viability for aviation services to cater for PCIHBV needs to provide an efficient, safe and minimizing risks pertaining to the increase personnel movement inbound/outbound Garraf Contract Area (GCA) in the Republic of Iraq with the future increase of traffic volume due to increase of production of crude oil and expansion within GCA.

Feasibility Studies may call for expertise in specific field of engineering and economics, such as engineering geological field, conceptual design of complex engineering infrastructural projects e.g. hydro electric scheme, transmission line, highway etc.

DPI is able to draw these expatriates from a pool of expertise from associates companies, be it local or international consultants.

We also offer Mechanical & Electrical Engineering services as an integral package as these considerations are frequently important elements to ensure successful implementation of projects.

Since our inception, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering projects handled by DPI ranged from marine engineering, design and construction supervision of public buildings such as hospitals, schools, government offices and facilities, residential, commercial, high-rise and industrial to infrastructure projects. All of these projects were implemented through detailed design and build concept where quality, timeline and budgetary control are critical to both end users and turnkey contractors.

We have completed major hospital projects; i.e. Ampang Hospital (562-beds), Pandan Hospital (704 beds), UiTM Medical Faculty, Sg Buloh (including Clinical Training Centre, Institute of Medical Molecular Biotechnology and Residential College) to name a few.

The most recently completed teaching hospital project is the new Medical Faculty for International Islamic University Malaysia in Kuantan Pahang (300 beds training hospital expandable to 800 beds in the future). All of these projects were implemented through PFI (Private Finance Initiative) and Design and Build concept where quality, timeline and budgetary control were being monitored constantly.

We are also Owner Consultant for development of 288 beds hospital in Cyberjaya for Ministry of Health. The development is implemented on Design and Build basis.

DPI has at its disposal a full fledge design teams and associates including medical planner, architect, medial equipment consultant and information technology (IT) specialist.

DPI has established a core team of engineers specializing in design of roads/highways and bridges whereby value engineering has been the order of the day.

Value engineering has been part and parcel of the design processes whereby foundation engineering for roads / highways and bridges are innovatively explored to assist and ensure clients return with a competitive and constructible bids and in the case of concession toll highways, an opportunity for the concessionaires to greatly benefit from their investments.

One of the facets of road/highway/bridges design and construction that would pose major delaying factor to progress has been the social encumbrances. Our engineering processes has been tailored to deal with these agenda right from the preliminary stage of engineering design and followed through to the construction stage to ensure smooth project/implementation. We have Senior Highway Engineers who are specialized in MXRoad software to enhance further the design team.

DPI provides full time supervision services during the construction stage to all engineering works to ensure that all proposed projects are constructed effectively, as designed, on budget and on schedule. After the award of projects to the Contractors, projects will commence its construction phase to its completion and issuance of CCC. Throughout the project, quality control shall be given the highest priority.

Suitably qualified and experienced personnel shall be assigned to the project team particularly those who have been involved in supervision environment for the specific types of construction works e.g. hotels, hospitals, road/highway etc. In addition to in-house expertise, DPI is also able to draw upon its pool of local and international consulting associates to complement the services in the capacity of technical advisory. The supervision staff shall be proposed and have to be approved by the Client prior to their appointment to the Project. Upon approval of site supervision team organisation by the Client, DPI will immediately mobilize the supervision team to supervise the project in a timely manner so as, not to jeopardize the completion target date.

DPI recognizes the client requirements of consistently high levels of service and commitment to on-time and on-budget performance. This objectives in the provision of services is being constantly monitored by the firm’s Quality System ISO 9001 – 2008 which we are accredited with, towards managing to ensure their effectiveness.

To respond to the need to meet health and safety obligations in an efficient manner, DPI in all endeavor has been successfully endorsed by SIRIM with an accreditation of OHSAS 18001:2007 and to enhance further our obligation towards protection of our fragile environments and to have an effective environmental management system, we have also been accredited with the ISO 14001:2004.